Healthy Leadership

Oct 21, 2014

Company leaders can make or break your organisation, healthy leadership is needed. And this sentiment goes far deeper than an individual who understands your company strategy and has the ability to achieve your business objectives. It’s about how well company leaders interact with your employees to help achieve these goals.

Ask anyone who has spent more than five years working for one or more companies, and much like recollecting old school teachers, almost every person has a story to tell about one or two bosses who left a lasting impression, for either the right or wrong reasons. So as we celebrate Bosses’ Day this October, let’s review who you do and don’t want leading your team.

The Good

It’s almost impossible to sum up all the characteristics of good leaders in one or two paragraphs, but as a brief starting point, the best company leader, leads by example. They have a subtle ability to show employees what they expect through their own actions and conduct. In addition to demonstrating commitment, fortitude, high standards and transparency, they bring out the best in others. They’re confident, humble and attract the right kind of talent to your organisation. Why: because good people want to work for other good people.


The Bad

There are unfortunately those managers, which will leave employees asking “how on earth, that individual landed that position in the first place”. It’s a good question, and sometimes it’s as simple as the fact that some people, while great employees, are not great managers. Some believe leadership can be taught, others believe it’s inherent. Some of the characteristics associated with a weak leader include a lack of direction, energy and enthusiasm. They demonstrate poor judgment and are notoriously poor team players. With a severe lack of interpersonal skills they don’t have the ability to help develop and nurture talent within the organisation.


The Ugly

Almost anyone who’s experienced one of these individuals may have seriously considered whether or not their boss may indeed be a psychopath. These individuals are the most insidious of the lot and because they often have the ability to show two very distinct sides to their personality, it’s important to know exactly what you are dealing with before you appoint someone to a management position. Ugly bosses are deceitful and manipulative, the act as a corrosive, driving good potential talent away from you organisation. With an inability to recognise other people’s achievements, they take credit for everything, while dismissing, degrading and humiliating others.

What you’re looking for when deciding to promote someone to a leadership or management position, is someone who has a great sense of self-awareness. People like this often also have the ability to recognise good traits in others and to help them develop and nurture their skills. This all serves to enhance the organisation. Leadership is a subtle art, and one not to be taken lightly. The well-being of your entire organisation may depend on it.

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