Good News Story – How I did it

Aug 16, 2013

Good News Story:
How I did it
By Jenny Reid

Much like Steve Jobs starting his Apple empire in his garage, I could not afford to rent offices in 2009 when I bought iFacts to manage it on my own. I had one data processor and went about doing the screenings and checks entrusted to me from an oddment of companies that had hired my services. I used my own finite financial resources to develop the online system further. 

In order to grow the business I had to develop a marketing plan and I used social media extensively, particularly LinkedIn as I believe this has a strong HR focus.  I was invited to speak at many international and local conferences and did not ask any fees and covered my own expenses as I believed that this was good publicity.  I strongly believe in networking and as a result attended as many functions as I possibly could and followed up on every lead I received.  I did find it was important to follow up on anything I had offered or promised as there are many people out there who promise but do not deliver.  I also contacted all our existing clients and informed them of our new and upgraded services as many of them were using only one or two of the services we offered.

 I knew I was on the right track when the demand for screenings increased, enabling me to hire another data processor at the end of our second year of operation. The stature and appeal of our service was spreading in the business world, and I decided to give it some added impetus by engaging a customer relations officer. This was a wise and rewarding move, and she is now the company general manager.  Today we have 11 staff members.  The operation has now been fine-tuned into an online business that largely obviates the finger trouble common in enquiry capture and encourages rapid and accurate check processing.  

When I first started out on my own in 2009, we were doing a mere 1765 checks per month.  Today we’re doing an average of 7000 per month and have increased the type of checks from 19 to over 30, with all our services available online.

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