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Gain full access to a host of comprehensive questionnaires that deal with areas such as: Employee Screening Policy, Security Risk, and Health & Safety. iFacts provides its clients with a comprehensive set of tools that can help any company create a culture of well-being and employee health that boosts staff morale and positively reduces absenteeism, staff turnover, and healthcare costs.


The easiest way to safeguard your company from potentially harmful employees is to pre-emptively identify them through comprehensive employee screening policies. Download this questionnaire to find out if it time to review your Employee Screening Policy.


Download our dedicated security risk questionnaire, which has been designed to identify whether your company has any potential weaknesses that would necessitate a risk assessment.


With businesses today facing potential threats from every direction, this can be an invaluable tool in safeguarding your interests. Health and safety is a major aspect of keeping your company operational from a legislative point of view.


With the risk that unforeseeable accidents pose for the wellbeing of your business and its employees, our downloadable health & safety questionnaire will help us assess your policies on the matter and address any potential issues.


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