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“87% of people who leave their organization or their team do so because of personality conflicts and not because of their capabilities” (Dr. Kurt Einstein).

Making a bad hire has the potential to ruin a business. This might seem overly dramatic, but this hard truth has been proven many times over. By making a better hire, and removing as much risk out of the equation as possible, you can give your company the best chance of making the correct and most successful decisions.

Alison Doyle, a job search and employment expert, suggests that these are some of the top reasons why employees are fired:

  • Damaging company property;
  • Drug or alcohol possession;
  • Insubordination;
  • Misconduct;
  • Stealing; and
  • Violating company policy.


Most of these reasons would normally be almost impossible to identify when hiring a person based purely on the contents of their CV. For this reason, behavioural assessments are becoming more and more crucial.

Employers typically hire based on perceived skills and apparent experience. However, employees are typically fired because of attitude and behavioural issues. Attitude and behaviour is notoriously difficult to assess at the interview stage. However, the PDA Behavioural Assessment is able to identify these factors at the beginning of the hiring process, and can help you make the best possible hires for the position you are trying to fill.


What is a PDA Behavioural Assessment?

In short, the Personal Development Analysis (PDA) is able to discover and then to analyse a person’s particular behavioural profile. It is able to use this assessment to determine a person’s ‘fit’ for a job, based on the specific job description.

A PDA is able to identify a number of behavioural factors relating to the assessed individual. These are then used to compile a full behavioural description of a candidate.  Some of these factors include:

  • Decision making style;
  • Leadership style;
  • Skills (analytical, sales, persuasive, and other);
  • Motivations;
  • Strengths and weaknesses, and others.


Why use a PDA?

Kyle Lagunas, talent acquisition analyst at Brandon Hall Group, found that in a recent study conducted amongst 327 companies of various sizes, and based in various areas around the world, that 52% of these companies used knowledge and skill assessments, while only 32% made use of predictive behavioural assessments.

T. Michael Chandler, the HR director at the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Centre Inc, indicated that the company was able to drastically reduce their turnover rate, merely by making use of an online behavioural assessment, which took under 30 minutes to complete.

The PDA Assessment is actually in use in over 30 countries around the world. The feedback received from these programmes and assessments is fed back to PDA International, who is then able to refine the assessments, and keep them updated to current trends in the business world.

  • The PDA has been verified with a 90% rate of reliability;
  • The PDA has ISO9001 certification;
  • It meets US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requirements; and
  • The PDA has been validated by American Institute of Business Psychology.


Removing Subjectivity

The PDA Behavioural Assessment, and also other behavioural assessments, helps to remove the subjectivity that dominates most selection processes. These assessments are able to quickly and effectively identify the traits that will ensure a good fit in terms of your company culture, and also in terms of the requirements of a specific position.


The iFacts PDA Assessment

The PDA Assessment that iFacts offers is able to take cognisance of South African conditions. These are of crucial importance in our local environment. The PDA is aimed primarily at helping companies to identify strengths and weaknesses in candidates, and determine how well they might fit into the organisation and into the job role.

The iFacts PDA is not merely the end of the process. Other programmes, such as the Peak Performance Toolkit, helps to develop employees within their existing positions, by building on many of the qualities that were identified in them during the behavioural assessment.

The MyPDACoach is an online programme that individuals can take part in. This 6 week programme aims at helping people to develop many new behaviours that can increase their success and effectiveness within the workplace.

iFacts also offers a wide range of other integrity and psychometric tests. All of these tests have been validated and adhere to strict psychometric properties, including reliability and fairness. These tests are offered in partnership with Integrity International (INTEG).

PDA Assessment sample report

Peak Performance Toolkit sample report



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