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Do you Facebook stalk potential candidates?


Warning: Be careful of what you read on Facebook!

As an employer, it pays to find out as much as you can about potential candidates. A Social Media Assessment can (and must) provide good value and information to clients. This is imperative. Screening employees or potential employees based on their personal social media content is an area that iFacts has put a great deal of focus towards in the past months.


The statistics paint a very clear picture of why this type of assessment is becoming so important.


There are a variety of ways in which social media can be screened, and certain key information or clues that can be identified. With the drastic increase in the number of companies that use social media screening as part of their hiring process, there are some interesting facts that help us understand the type of role this screening can play.


The following are some of the main reasons why candidates are not hired, based on their social media conduct:
– Posting inappropriate content;
– Posts that show the individual drinking or using drugs;
– Poor communication skills;
– Speaking badly about an ex-employer;
– Discriminatory comments; and
– Dishonesty about qualifications (surprisingly).


Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the social networks that are most used to screen candidates. However, iFacts is able to extend this search/screening process if required. Employers can now quite easily do these social network assessments on the profiles of potential candidates, but the search can be broadened to include general Google searches, amongst others.


The iFacts’ Social Media Risk Assessment:

The biggest benefit of the iFacts’ assessment is that our report provides quantitative measurements in the form of risk scoring, as well as behavioural trait scoring and platform conduct scoring.
In addition, because our assessment is locally priced, the costing for these assessments is far lower than it might be from another foreign client. Fortunately, because of the nature of the iFacts’ assessment, it can be performed for clients all around the world, without the need for an iFacts’ team member to be personally present.


For more information on the iFacts Social Media Assessment contact the iFacts offices today 011 453 1627 or

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