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Exciting New Service

Have you ever felt that a person’s resume never really tells the entire story?


Social media plays a major part in all our lives and often it provides much more insight into an employee than the traditional interview process. With over 6000 tweets per second globally, and 5 new Facebook profiles being opened per 10 seconds, the amount of information available is enormous. And with the dangers of social media and the damage it can do to an organisation, there are many companies who now no longer rely just on your resume to determine if you will live the brand and ideals of company culture.


It is for this reason that Social Media screening as a background-screening tool has grown extensively across the globe. When it is conducted internally 76% of employers go to Facebook first as opposed to 48% who use LinkedIn On social media we tend to expose more than we would in an interview, giving a glimpse into the person that will enter your workplace, and an idea if they will fit the corporate culture of your organization.


iFacts are extremely excited to announce that we will be launching a new service both locally and internationally from March 2017, which has major benefits to companies as it lowers the risks of bad hires, while matching the personality traits of the employee to the Company culture.


Watch this space for more information on our NEW AND EXCITING SERVICE

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