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Editor’s Note

During the final week of July, scores of South Africans woke up to a disturbing reality this week when the British High Commission contacted them to say that their UK Visa Applications together with all supporting documentation were stolen, when the courier van that was transporting these documents to the airport, was hijacked. From marriage certificates, to bank statements and even their home addresses – it’s a terrifying prospect when this type of information gets into the wrong hands. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world today, one that has given rise to hundreds of criminal syndicates who know exactly how to use your own personal information for their financial gain. iFacts is therefore pleased to announce that it has partnered with ThisIsMe, an online identity verification company that provides a service that enables you to register on its system, which is directly linked to the Department of Home Affairs National Identification system (HANIS).In future banks, financial services providers and identity verification agencies can accurately and positively identify you as a prospective client if you are registered on this system. Read all about the benefits of this new service in this month’s iFacts New Services update.

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