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Driver’s License & PDP Verification

Driver’s License Verification

How often do we read of tragic car accidents and incidents and only on investigation is it established that the individual did not have a valid driver’s license? This is not only costly and deadly but can result in accident claims being rejected by your insurance company because the organisation/individual was not compliant. The cost of the 3rd party claims resulting in the non-compliance of a driver can also end up crippling a company financially, as well as having significant reputational damage.


A simple verification that the license was legally obtained, is valid, and for what code of vehicle is essential for all companies who employ people that are required to travel in company or their own vehicles.



Professional Driving Permit (PDP) Verification

To drive certain types of vehicles in South Africa, you are required to have a professional driving permit in addition to your driving license.

A professional driving permit (PDP) is required if you drive the following vehicles:
– Goods vehicle, weighing over 3 500 kg.
– Breakdown vehicle.
– Bus.
– Minibus weighing more than 3 500 kg designed to carry 12 or more people, including the driver.
– Vehicle used to transport people for payment.
– Goods vehicle carrying dangerous goods, which weighs more than 3 500 kg.
– Road tank vehicle for petroleum-based flammable liquids.
– Motor vehicle conveying 12 or more people including the driver.
– A professional driving permit is not required to drive a hearse or a tractor.
– You can only get a professional driving permit in the following instances:
– You have a valid driving license for the type of vehicle in question.
– You are over the required age limit (this depends on the type of vehicle in question).
– You are certified as medically fit by a doctor.
– Certified by an approved training body (only required for certain types of vehicle).
– You have not been convicted of driving under the influence, of reckless driving or of a violent offence.
– If your driving license is not suspended or cancelled.
– Your professional driving permit may be suspended or cancelled if you become medically unfit or if you are convicted of driving under the influence, of reckless or negligent driving, or of a violent offence.


The operator or owner of a motor vehicle for which a professional driving permit is required may not let another person drive that vehicle on a public road, unless that other person is the holder of a professional driving permit of the appropriate category. Allowing an employee to make use of a company vehicle or transport people without the relevant qualification or license could be extremely costly.

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