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The devious art of lying by telling the truth

In 1996 research was done by researcher, Bella DePaulo. She established that every person tells at least a lie per day. This is the reason politicians are telling half-truths to avoid to tell the whole truth when questions are asked.

Normal employees do the same thing and often they do it to try and stay out of trouble. Many of the lies told are told because people want to save face and will say something as simple as: “I told her that she looked good when I thought that she looked like a blimp”.

It is when individuals use lies to manipulate others or to purposely mislead that it is more worrying. And this happens more often than you might think in the workplace and during troubled times when companies are often performing internal investigations.

In instances like this it is highly recommended that employers make use of the service of a truth verification test like forensic voice stress tests to ensure that their employees are not hiding the truth.

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