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Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Checks via Hardcopy Fingerprints (SAP91A Form) – Fingerprints can be taken at any SAPS Station.

This is a service available in South Africa where candidates can visit any SA Police Service Customer Service Centre and get their fingerprints taken on an SAP91A form.

The form needs to be completed and submitted together with a candidate consent form to the iFacts head office. The criminal record check will be processed and results submitted within three working days of the receipt of the hardcopy prints.

This is useful when candidates are unable to access an iFacts Intelligence Centre that captures fingerprints biometrically and processes the application online. This is also the form used when applying for a SAPS clearance certificate.

If the applicant is applying from outside of South Africa they can obtain their fingerprints on the local equivalent of an SAPS91A. A sample of the SAPS91A form is available on the iFacts website

This check is done to establish if a subject has a criminal record and whether charges have been laid against the subject or if the subject has been a complainant in the case. In order to conduct the test, the individual must sign a SA Police Service consent form (or similar) and must have his fingerprints taken on an SAPS approved biometric fingerprint reader (SAGEM MSO300).

The iFacts check also gives an automatic verification of the South African ID number.

Currently 16-18% of applicants that we screen have criminal records. Whilst we do not state that a person with a criminal record is unemployable, we do stress that a company needs intelligence to manage their risk.

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