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Credit Checks

Standard Credit Check (Consumer Trace)


This is an inexpensive way to understand an individual’s credit risk and is extremely useful when recruiting an individual in a position of risk.

Details of previous employers are also listed on this check and it is incredible to understand how many people provide details of previous employers on a credit application but do not provide the same information on a CV.

This check should only be used for recruitment if the person could be a financial risk to the organisation and the candidate must give permission for the check to be done.

iFacts has online services to access all major credit bureaus – Transunion, XDS and Compuscan. Our bureau of choice is Compuscan.

All credit checks are performed in a real-time electronic environment, ensuring fast, accurate delivery.


Detailed Credit Check (via Compuscan)

This is a comprehensive report provided on an individual and gives the following information:
– Past addresses and contact details
– Details of past employers (this list is not verified but can be checked against the CV)
– Credit score and risk portfolio against the South African average consumer
– Details of accounts and payment behaviour
– Judgements and any negative information on the credit record. This includes judgments, administration,
sequestration, rehabilitation orders, debt review statuses; this is the result of any legal action by credit
providers taken against the individual.
– Details of properties owned by the individual
– Details of directorships of any South African companies
– Suggested credit action plan for the individual.

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