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Hiring the wrong kind of employees can literally bring a company to its knees. This may sound far-fetched or outrageous. But the terrifying truth is that this statement is right on the mark.


Consider the risk to a restaurant owner whose employees are pocketing cash paid by customers during a power outage. What will become of the business owner whose sales team make false promises to customers and then don’t deliver? And what damage is being done by the bookkeeper in accounts who has quietly been falsifying the company’s financial situation for the past five years?


With South Africa on the brink of the toughest economic period it has ever faced it’s time to protect your company and keep the bad apples out before they get in.



You can’t afford to miss The iFacts Employee Risk Conference 2016.

Safeguarding your business against rogue employees should be one of your biggest priorities for maintaining a healthy work environment and protecting your assets. At the iFacts Employee Risk Conference, taking place June 9, a range of industry leading exhibitors and companies will be showcasing the latest products and services that will equip you and your business with the tools to clean up your hiring process and ensure that you have the best employees for the job.


Panel discussions with industry experts will offer valuable insights into securing your business and how to handle the possibility of hiring at-risk employees. Guest speaker, Shani Krebs, will be providing first-hand accounts on the effects of drug use and the dangers that this poses to individuals in a professional environment.


The conference keynote speaker, Shani Krebs is a man who lived a tumultuous life, culminating in his arrest for drug trafficking in Thailand in 1994. Narrowly avoiding the death sentence, Alexander “Shani??? Krebs had to endure more than 18 years in one of the roughest prison environments on earth.


After his release in 2012, Shani has turned his life around and has become dedicated to teaching others about the risks that such a lifestyle poses.


Attend the iFacts Employee Risk Conference and hear first-hand the stories that will open your mind to the issues that recovering drug users face in reintegrating into society and professional environments. These valuable lessons will help you better understand the importance of employee screening and the issue that criminal histories pose for employers.


With the SANCA Drug Awareness Week taking place from 25-30 June, as well as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on June 26, the iFacts Employee Risk Conference will revolve around current affairs while educating delegates on the issues that employers face today. Don’t miss out on this informative and captivating event.


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