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Banishing Falsified Job Credentials

In a country where people are increasingly desperate for employment, it’s not unusual to see the rise of falsified past employment credentials and qualifications.


Common forms of deception include:

  • Claiming qualifications that do not exist
  • Submitting falsified CVs and academic qualifications
  • Falsified references
  • Providing false information about reason for termination of previous employment
  • Not disclosing information about prior criminal convictions and disciplinary action
  • Exaggerated skills and level of experience on CVs


iFacts enables organisations to ensure that current and potential employee candidates have not falsified their personal information and qualifications. This is accomplished through a full bouquet of People Screening Services, including Pre-employment Screening and Background Checks.


Verification: Employees can be your most valuable asset as well as your most vulnerable liability. iFacts specialises in finding out whether or not that they pose a threat to your organisation.

Individual CV Assessments: iFacts verify every document presented to you by employees and candidates, from ID to proof-of-residence and everything in between, giving you the peace-of-mind to proceed with confidence.

Truth Verification: iFacts offers a range of technology and expertise in truth verification, including biometric assessments, polygraphs and voice stress analysis.

Verification of Qualifications: iFacts employs specialists who are skilled at verifying the legitimacy of legal local and foreign documents.

Integrity Assessments: The CV looks good, and the qualifications are genuine, but is the applicant right for the position you want to fill? iFacts provides a series of integrity assessment that will help you determine the applicant’s suitability.


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