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How Authentic is your Staff’s Qualifications?


The 2016 matric pass rate, including progressed learners, has increased to 72.5%, a total of 1.8 percentage points more than last year’s rate of 70.7%. But this still leaves a large percentage of unskilled youth desperate enough, that they will falsify their qualifications in order to obtain a job.


Many youths today don’t truly recognize the value of a matric certificate until they have to decide what they want to do with their lives and want to study further. For the 27.5% of matriculants that failed this year they will unfortunately discover that a matric certificate is normally a prerequisite when applying for even the most basic of jobs.


Of the 2016 matric cohort‚ when they started‚ they were 1.10million‚ but only 662 612 sat for the matriculation exam. Taken the number of those who passed‚ which is 442 672‚ the real pass rate (excluding progressed learners) for 2016 is not 76.2 %‚ but is in fact 40.9%.


“We live in a country where approximately 60% of learners who entered the schooling system 12 years ago, has either failed or dropped out, leaving them without a matric certificate,??? says Jenny Reid, Director of iFacts.


“So there are already hundreds of thousands of individuals who do not meet the criteria for the jobs they want, and you can put money on the fact that many of these individuals, will eventually, in desperation, pretend to hold those qualifications they never received in an effort to be employed.???


Qualification fraud is rife globally and no qualifications presented for employment or any other reason should be accepted at face value. As a recent sting operation by anti-corruption officers from the Hawks revealed, it is as easy as paying R3000 for a fake matric certificate. Three suspects were arrested for constructing and selling Umalusi Senior Certificates following information received on the syndicate.


“ Unscrupulous individuals are willing to pay for false qualifications, and have no shame in producing these to support their CVs when applying for jobs, even in our educational institutions,??? said the South African Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande.


“In 2016 it has been reported that 640 public sector officials lied about their qualifications and if you do an online search for “buy fake degree in South Africa” you get almost 5 million returns,??? says Reid.


The 2016 PWC Global Economic crime survey revealed that 68% of companies had experienced some sort of fraudulent qualification.


So what is to be done? How do we as employers protect ourselves from hiring fraudulent individuals? Simple – a comprehensive qualification verification. iFacts offers a full online service to verify all school leaving and tertiary institution qualifications.


“Of the verifications iFacts have conducted, we have identified 5% invalid matric certificates. At least 7%% of tertiary qualifications, 6% of international qualifications and 7% of professional association memberships are also falsified,??? States Reid


iFacts enables you to verify all of your employees’ credentials, simply, efficiently and affordably.

Contact iFacts today to see how we can assist you, 011 453 1627 or



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