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Assessing employee integrity with iFacts

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iFacts has earned a reputation in the industry for providing an extensive and diverse range of services aimed at equipping companies of all shapes and sizes with the tools to run effectively and make educated decisions throughout the average employee’s lifecycle.


Experts at helping you identify and manage your organization’s people risk; iFacts offers services that include Background Checks, Screening and Vetting for both employees and suppliers. Our services extend from proactive pre-employment screening procedures to reactive screening that allow your business to identify and handle employee issues as quickly and efficiently. iFacts offers a full range of services to both individuals and employees that will ensure your organization is achieving optimum performance and an excellent return on its human resources investment.


If your organization is looking for a proactive, stringent, and comprehensive approach to screening and behavioral assessment in the workplace, iFacts helps remove the people risk so that you can conduct business with a motivated and trustworthy workforce.


Integrity &Behavioural Assessments

One of the greatest threats to company integrity can be counterproductive employee behaviour in the workplace that not only affects individual productivity but the productivity of those around them and the company as a whole. The best way to handle these issues is to be proactive and try to identify counterproductive behaviour before it occurs.


iFacts, in partnership with Integrity International (INTEG), offer a wide range of psychometric and integrity tests that have been subjected to continuous research by industry experts to provide an all-inclusive package that adhere to critical psychometric properties such as reliability, validity, and fairness.


The iFacts Integrity & Behavioural Assessment services include a range of services such as general integrity assessments, English proficiency tests, driver assessments, security officer assessments, personal development analysis, behavioural assessments, ethics assessments, team talent management, and employee satisfaction surveys. These services are relevant to a wide variety of industries and can help you achieve higher levels of productivity.


iFacts PDA Behavioural Assessment

The iFacts PDA Behavioural Assessment offers our clients the opportunity to accurately assess whether a potential candidate is the right fit for the company or not. Taking into account the candidate’s behavioural and competency in relation to both the position and company in question, the PDA can help organizations make the right hiring choices that will help the long-term health and development of their business.


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