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2017 Wrap Up

As we race towards the end of yet another year I am sure we all have different thoughts about what 2017 has given us – some may be rather concerned about what 2018 holds but I am sure we all have many things we can be grateful for and others we can look forward to in 2018.

At iFacts we have had a really good year with our customers and have introduced some exciting and very relevant new services to the market and feedback from the customers has indicated that these have been extremely worthwhile. The most successful new services have been social media risk assessments, performance assessments and voice stress analysis. What I find encouraging is that these can all be used and are being used for existing employees which has been an area that is often neglected in terms of employee risk.

I was also fortunate enough to attend the NAPBS conference in the USA this year. The NAPBS is the only totally relevant global association for background screening and what I found fascinating was the enormous industry that is built around criminal record checks in the USA and how many organisations still believe that this is the most important check in the employee screening policy. I am not in a position to comment on this from a global perspective but in South Africa it certainly does not go very far in assessing the risk of an employee. Sadly a lot of it is due to the inefficiency of our local police services and those in the judicial system. It is also the unwillingness of people to report crime. At iFacts we have many far more effective services that can identify integrity, past offences and assess the personality of the individual.

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