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2017 has arrived with a vengeance and many of us are wondering what our future holds. In South Africa, 2016 left us stunned by the behaviour of our president and current political situation. We can only hope that the opposition party can hold individuals accountable and ensure the stability of our country.

Below are the people trends that I believe we need to look out for in this new year:



Some industry commentators call the Human Resources function the last bastion of bureaucracy and it is seen in its traditional role – the department that merely hires and fires the staff needed to do the jobs.

Today the HR professional is considered necessary by managers and executives and plays the role of a strategic partner, an employee advocate as well a change mentor.

We will see role of HR moving from an admin, policing role to a role that assists, guides and manages performance of the companies staff.

As an HR Executive, the following new skills are needed to ensure that they are able to perform in this new role:


  • Technology skills has increased and in many countries this HR skill is very much in demand
  • Change management as more and more people are needing a flexible working environment
  • The ability to foster culture and change the behaviour and work pattern of employees
  • Consulting and coaching skills are often a requirement to help drive the teams performance or to diagnose and resolve issues for a leader or a team



We’ve all done it at some point – posted something on social media that we later regret. But if you aren’t careful, that one errant post could cost you a lot more than just a little social embarrassment, it could ruin your life.

Whether its Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or the more recent popular Snapchat, few people really put a lot of thought into what they post online, what the consequences can be, and just who sees their posts and the interpretation it gains.

There are plenty of examples out there – from the storm of protest around Penny Sparrow in 2016, or more recently Riaan Lucas– to show that when things go wrong, they can go horribly wrong.

And while you may think your baby pictures, beach photos or tequila shots are just there for your friends, they form a picture of you for the outside world. A picture that may well be devastating to both your hopes and dreams as you try to build a successful career, a relationship or navigate your way through the modern world.

Figures released last year show that over 60 percent of potential employers screen employee applications by looking at their social media. And that means every rant and rave takes place as if it was during the interview.

In short there is a golden rule that always should inspire and inform: If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a post in a public space, talking to strangers, then don’t put it online. You may be more than the sum of your social media, but at all times it should be a reflection of the best of you.

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From different age groups, to different cultural backgrounds, the workplace is becoming more and more diverse, and with it, different ideas, views and opinions. This can have a great impact on company culture and the happiness of your employees.



Another very real situation in Africa is that we face a huge migrant issue across all job levels and xenophobia has a massive impact on the workplace.

Sadly it is a known fact in the security world that Africa is attracting “wanted” criminals and terrorists, as corruption is a massive challenge in today’s workplace.

Once a person is within the organisation, they sadly can be manipulated or blackmailed to work on the inside on criminal activity.

The actual verification of CV information will not necessarily highlight this tendency, but an integrity test should be considered prior to employment to understand what motivates an individual and how they would behave under challenging circumstances.



We have seen the world of HR moving into a more technical environment.

While the actual human element cannot be done away with in terms of interviews and assessments, technology is being used to screen CV’s, select a suitable number of candidates, vet them according to the organisation’s employee screening policy and then create a personal development tool for them to ensure the fit of the culture between employee and the company.

This allows for management to understand how to motivate the individual and understand how the team fits together.

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Happy employees are productive and will give you the competitive edge.

To ensure employees are fitting into company culture, a personal development analysis tool (PDA Assessment) can be used to understand what is driving the employee and where they are in time. In addition to this, an annual employee satisfaction or employee engagement assessment should be done. To make these most effective the results from the previous year should be incorporated to enable the company to assess the improvement in situations.

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John Bershin says that the key to successful performance management programs is to align the talent strategy and business strategy of the organisation. People understand the goal of the business and how their work contributes to achieving those goals. This alignment increases productivity and engagement.

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Flexibility in the workplace is fast becoming one of the most hotly debated issues. Globally it is believed that almost 70% of employees prefer to have an option to work remotely. It is essential for the HR Department to understand the risks associated with this as well as the benefits, which can lead to an increase in the productivity and morale.

For more information on how we can help you make the most out of your most valuable asset – your people – please give us a call.


Here is to a great 2017!





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