Having just returned from a wonderful adventure, I was thrilled when last week the amazing Deshun Deysel addressed many of our clients at the iFacts Business Breakfast. She spoke about the new performance tool that iFacts is now able to offer. Listening to her and her incredible message made me understand how we all have an obligation to make our lives an adventure.

All too often we hear others complain about the hardships and the tough times we are living through. It can very easily lead us to see our lives as a really sad state of affairs.

However, we are all quite able to turn our lives into a ‘happy place’. Sometimes we just don’t want to or don’t feel able to. We need to help other people to realise that there is good to be found in any situation. This might not be the good that they are wanting, but we need to help others to understand that no matter what happens, there is good in our lives. Too often, our own self-talk, or inner voice, keeps us from seeing that.

Deshun gave us all a brief insight into her summit of Everest. Despite tremendous storms, as well as losing a team member, she was able to stay focused and climb that incredible mountain. She returned victoriously.

As employers, we can commit to helping our employees to see the good in life and in turn encourage them to share that goodness and pass it on to their family and friends. The new iFacts Performance Toolkit encourages regular communication – something that we should all be doing. There is no doubt that electronic communication removes emotion and can help people hide away from themselves and others. We need to be aware of the dangers of electronic communication, particularly for how it has the potential to impact on our happiness.

Let us all make a commitment to encourage happiness, self-growth, and satisfaction.

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