Once the employee is in place, settled in and productive we need to ensure the continued happiness and productivity of the employee.

On-going assessments are essential and should include:

•Performance Assessments / Appraisals / Scorecard Assessments or similar engagement – this will ensure that any shortfalls or misunderstandings are addressed and noted in a formal environment. This allows for discussions to take place regarding progress that is required from or by the employee.
•Employee Satisfaction Surveys are an essential management tool that allows companies to address employee concerns or dissatisfaction. It should be done independently to encourage anonymity which allows employees to be more honest than they may normally be.
•Career or Executive Coaching is another extremely useful tool that should be conducted by a professional and independent coach to encourage people to grow and overcome personal challenges. This will also help the employee to develop and achieve goals.
•On-going vetting is another essential tool that should be used. Employees’ circumstances change and this could bring additional risk to the organization. A company needs to be prepared for this and is responsible for the care of its employees.

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