It is often a challenge to take care of employees when they are dishonest, disheartened or downright disappointed.

At iFacts we have developed a life cycle of an employee with some suggestions on how to keep employees engaged and productive.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be unpacking the Life Cycle of an Employee.

Pre-employment screening is an essential part of ensuring that honest, loyal and productive employees are enrolled in a Company. It can however also be used as a marketing project to ensure that the image of the company is correctly projected.

Human Resources have a responsibility to:

•Verify that all information presented in the CV is true and correct and to ensure that all relevant pre-employment checks are completed.
•Conduct integrity tests – rather be proactive and ensure that intention is measured as opposed to having to conduct investigations after an incident.
•Conduct tests to measure the job and culture fit of a future employee. Should you not conduct these tests, you will need to consider the massive effort that you would require to work through to remove an employee should they not “fit??? the job or the culture of your organization.

Click here to view the lifecycle of an employee.

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