ethics and integrity

My journey through Africa continues and I am still enjoying it completely. The joy I have received from giving a child a pair of shoes, a soccer ball or a small packet of sweets is so incredible and the smiles on their faces is something you cannot purchase.

One of the strange things that I have seen along the road is the use of the word “integrity???. I have looked up the definition of integrity and relate completely to this – “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness???. What I am not sure about is stores we have seen along the way:

Music with Integrity
Integrity Bottle Store

We have had a good chuckle and wondered about what this really means and why someone would name a retail store in such a way yet we know that your business name must instill trust in your customers.

It has broadened my horizons and I realized again why we strongly suggest that our clients consider doing integrity tests on employees. It allows them to have a true understanding of someone’s intentions during employment and sadly all the shenanigans we read about daily in businesses and organizations indicate why we need to be extra careful when looking to employ someone.

I hope the name iFacts instills a feeling of trust in you when you want to make use of the employee engagement and vetting services we provide.

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