Free Assessments

Simply by registering with iFacts, you will gain access to all of our free assessments. These can be used by you or given to your employees, and cover a range of topics. These assessments are tools that enable you to have a much clearer picture of what is going on behind the scenes.

One of the most popular assessments is the employee satisfaction assessment. iFacts has developed some incredible integrity and also ethical assessments, as well as our behavioural assessment tool (PDA). These assessments are one of the tools that all registered users will have access to, and will be able to make use of. The idea behind these assessments is that they will give the end user a much clearer and more precise understanding, enabling them to make crucial company decisions.

The team at iFacts understands the challenges facing individuals, and facing companies. Many of these challenges are general across many industries, while others are specific to a certain area of business. iFacts has a team of experts with a wide range of experience, and importantly with a clear understanding of a variety of industries. Feel free to contact our team at any stage, and we will walk you through our service offerings, as well as provide honest and open advice on where you would achieve positive outcomes by focussing your attention towards specific areas.

To gain access to the following free and sample assessment (free assessments), kindly contact iFacts directly on for further information.

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