It is hard to believe the World Wide Web only opened to the public 28 years ago and we have become so dependent on it. It certainly has made my life more interesting. I read, study, work and communicate with such ease.

Who can imagine life without the internet? I certainly would not be keen to live in that environment. I have recently had my laptop stolen and whilst the police reporting, insurance claiming and waiting was a nightmare at iFacts we have ensured that all data is kept securely in the cloud. Once I received my new (and later version) laptop it was easy to set myself up and be going in a relatively short space of time.

The one thing we do however need to remember is that the web brings cybercrime and I am fortunate to speak at a number of CISO conferences globally so the things I hear are rather terrifying and the cyber security is something we need to understand. Like anything it can be totally over complicated but if we keep the basics in place we can live a secure life online.

Social media is a wonderful tool and another one I have embraced for both work and personal matters. I am of the generation that simply loves Facebook and uses many of its features but some are rather nervous of it and others are “past??? it. Wherever you are in this space I do believe we should view our social status and see what our risks are in the market and where we can change things. We work with a great organisation Farosian and they do social media risk assessments which are fascinating. It is another amazing tool to add to your CV so potential employers can see the online you and the image you project.

From my point of view embrace the internet and move forward into this hugely exciting world but be safe!

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