For some years iFacts has been able to verify the identity of a candidate through the Department of Home Affairs (HANIS) system. This was a great step forward from when we had to use the credit bureaux to verify the ID of a person.

We are now proud to say we can now verify the identity number of the individual and produce the identity photograph stored in the South African National Population Register and Home Affairs National Identification System.

According to the South African Fraud Prevention Services the impersonation by fraudsters using real ID’s and names has increased by 99% on 2018 figures and the level of fraudsters using a combination of forged documents – which includes falsified employment details, forged payslips and false qualifications – has also seen a sharp increase.

In addition to the verification and photograph being returned iFacts are able to:
• Verify marital status with event date and place
• Verify alive / deceased status with event date and place
• Verify ID issue date
• Link the ID to the most recent contact numbers and addressed

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The global trend is to conduct automated online reference checks and iFacts now provides this service globally. This allows you to do away with the lengthy telephone process and save time as well as get honest feedback on your candidate.

Fraud exists in our society and we have taken the steps to prevent fraudulent information being presented by a false referee and you have the option to have the referees verified by an iFacts operator.

• Can be completed at referee’s convenience
• Improved turnaround time
• More accurate information
• Improves Employee Screening Process
• More cost effective

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At iFacts we strongly believe that integrity assessments have to be part of the employee screening process as they measure intention and not what has been done in the past.

Our trusted integrity partners have updated their arsenal of tests and have introduced :

This test will assess the integrity of employees in the domestic environment which is typically associated with house-keeping, cleaning, maintenance, child and people care.

In addition to the integrity it will also predict the ability of the individual to function within this role.

Domestic Services Profile

The test will assess the integrity and functionality of individuals in the call centre environment where they would have to deal with high volume and repetitive collecting and providing of basic information

Call-Centre Agent Profile

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