According to the recent ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook survey for 2017 where employers were asked what they thought would change in their workplace in the second quarter of 2017, it was felt that changes in South Africa would be minimal but 12% of companies believed they would increase their staff complement but over 80% believed that there would be no change.  The area expecting the most improvement is the Western Cape with Gauteng reporting a continued decline in employment.

The one industry that is expecting growth in employment is the transport sector and the wholesale and retail sector expecting a smaller increase.

Globally confidence is strongest in Taiwan, India, Japan, Hungary and Slovenia. The weakest forecasts are reported in Brazil, Switzerland and Italy.

In addition to this information the latest Institute for Security Studies talks about the poverty in Southern Africa and whilst I am not sure South Africa is very financially stable at the moment it is probably more financially viable for the poor than many of their own African countries.  This leads me to believe that we could be facing a growing number of illegal immigrants in South Africa.

My personal feeling is this could contribute to the growing levels of crime in our country as well as companies employing illegal immigrants which carries a hefty fine.

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