The team here at iFacts have just gone through an exciting phase during which we have updated our scorecards and incorporated them into our monthly company review. The result of this is that we have gained a much better understanding about the direction in which our company is heading.

Like every other company, iFacts does aim at growing. However, in present times we can easily be sucked into the negativity that surrounds us and we can just as easily begin to believe that this growth not possible.  Fortunately, this year we did not act like the cobbler whose children did not have shoes. We have rather used our very own in-house tools to develop ourselves further, the same tools that we promote regularly.  Having used these tools to develop new scorecards, do staff appraisals and agree on a way forward. I have personally come out of the process believing even more in the PDA Assessment that iFacts offers.

The PDA is a behavioural assessment that is both a great tool for developing and enhancing your existing staff compliment as well as for “on-boarding??? new staff. The PDA objectively identifies the strengths and weaknesses that an individual may possess and allows you as the manager to understand how to properly motivate them. It also allows for a clearer understanding of where personality challenges may exist between management and staff members.

A comment from one of our clients after performing our own in-house assessments was really profound for me:

HR director, T. Michael Chandler, found that the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center Inc. was able to drastically reduce their company turnover rate, merely by making use of an online behavioural assessment. This particular assessment took less than 30 minutes for each employee to complete.

I have found that by taking the simple step of assessing your existing staff and their competencies, you will be able to make changes (often quite minor) within your organisation, and reap much bigger results.

I go forward now with confidence knowing that our staff and management team here at iFacts are on the same page, and I look forward to growing the company in the next year.


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