Most people would not blink if you asked what they thought the key trend had been in the first quarter of 2020 and would immediately answer: “Covid-19??? or “The Corona Virus???. Whilst we wholeheartedly agree with this it is interesting to see what elements of HR have emerged during this time.

Some of the more interesting ones are:

Some are slow to take up new trends and whilst this has been a hot topic for some time many were forced into escalating this to having a formal procedure on how to use this and these were some interesting tips we found.

This was predicted to be one of the trends for 2020 but again the importance of this has escalated dramatically with the lockdown as everyone handles situations differently. Wellbeing embraces the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and financial health of each person and some interesting highlights have been:

• Be flexible and compassionate – each employee’s home circumstances are different
• Assist employees to set up an ergonomically correct home work station
• Encourage informal contact sessions in addition to the formal working meetings
• Encourage employees to understand their personal financial situation and offer education
• Encourage a healthy routine

Remember iFacts’ sister company, The Orange, offers a full online health & wellness platform

With the above in mind it might be worth considering making use of some of the online HR tools that iFacts offers.

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