The recent World Economic Forum report on Future of Jobs 2018 made interesting reading.

I have extracted the section for South Africa for ease of use and the one section I found most interesting was the jobs of the future. Click here to view statistics

This past year I have been very involved in the development of our new organization The Orange which specializes in wellness, career and retirement coaching and I find the jobs of the future most interesting for the young generation as well as those moving into the segment of their lives. We often read about technology replacing jobs but when you look at the jobs of the future here you will see that Human Resources are still an essential part of a company and there is still a very definite need for strong leaders in the workplace.

Another interesting statistic is that just less than half of the employees need to be re-skilled.

The future workplace should not frighten you. Identify your strengths and make them work for you in the future place of work.

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