iFacts offers a FREE review of employee screening policy.

Our comprehensive background checks allow iFacts to assess the risks in your employee screening policy as part of your employment process and tell you where improvements could be made. The easiest way to safeguard your company from potentially harmful employees is to pre-emptively identify them through comprehensive employee screening policies.

These screening policies allow us to help you protect your business from dishonest or unqualified candidates. The value of employee screening policies can extend beyond the hiring process and help you to ensure that your existing employees are still held to the standards that helped them get the job in the first place.

iFacts can help your company to establish employee screening procedures as an integral part of the hiring process and beyond. This will guarantee that your business can avoid criticism, employee dissatisfaction, and even legal action and focus on doing what it does best.

Such a policy shows a company’s clear intention to protect both its employees and customers as a matter of procedure. Adoption of best practices demonstrates that the company applies its screening standards fairly, with cause, without prejudice and in compliance with all legal requirements.


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