Sadly I often read articles stating that only one third or sometimes less of the staff complement are satisfied and the true HR leaders are often at a wits end as to what to do about it.

Research shows that one of the major reasons for this dissatisfaction is that there is a lack of respect by management of the employees.  We know that the millenials are dead set on respect and more women than men feel the need for this. With the recent gender violence issues in our country I am sure that this is becoming an even hotter topic.

iFacts has recently completed a large online employee satisfaction survey with an over 80% return in 10 days.  The statistics show:

These statistics are incredibly scary and if I sit back I wonder how difficult it would be to turn this around and maybe communication is the core problem.

Now that we have the industry information we are going to put a plan of action together to encourage the companies to do online individual development plans, appraisals and internal newsletters.

By doing this the companies can give the individual employees the opportunity to present ideas for their self development as many individuals sit back and wait for the company to train them without understanding how it could contribute to their personal growth.

The appraisal system together with the company scorecard can encourage regular discussion between the manager and employee and together they can agree on why an employee is not performing properly or dissatisfied in the workplace and an action plan can be agreed upon.

I believe that companies need to get out there and tell employees what is happening and how they are performing in the current economic conditions.  The press paints a picture of doom and gloom and employees can be sucked into that.  Whilst conditions may not always be great let’s be realistic and encourage our employees to contribute to the bottom line in ways that they understand.

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