I (Jenny Reid) have personally been on a upgrade this year and from the days to when I refused to go to university because the thought of studying something I could not relate to, to now is vastly different. The last 12 months have been very interesting for me and at time I have felt like an “Apple??? gadget with an upgrade available periodically.

I have just come out of my NLP Masters course and am thrilled to be able to call myself a Master NLP Coach. The technique is phenomenal and so quick that I cannot help be amazed that so few people use these techniques because they are so dynamic and achieve really effective results so quickly.

The workplace is changing so rapidly at the moment it is interesting to see what people value more than did in past years. The attached article indicates that the workforce in companies accounts for more than 30% of revenue yet we often do not see much investment into staff.

We do employee satisfaction surveys for many organizations and it is always interesting to see how often the “ham in the sandwich??? aka middle management is often the cause of many issues within an organization. I believe that companies need to start doing things differently to get a proper return on the investment of their staff and it may not always be more “investment??? it can also be small things that make a big difference.

In order to get to this point however it is necessary to do some kind of assessment to determine the starting point of the new journey.

How to identify your riskiest employees using HR analytics.

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