With so much news hitting us these days and sadly it is not always good news – terrorism attacks, state capture and the economy only growing by 0.3% in 2016 I have found it really hard to be inspired to write a blog.


I do find that I need to count my blessings in life because there are just so many hardships that people are going through. I find myself wanting to visit people who have lost or are losing loved ones, those whose family have moved on and left them alone and then there are people who are still living happy, productive and healthy lives. It is easier to hone in on the positive and forget those who are sad and alone.


I have been trying really hard to find something that iFacts could do to help the unemployed or those wanting to further their career or work on their own. We are working with a number of resellers who we hope will grow to have successful businesses – starting your own business is not easy but we will continue to support them and encourage them to have their own independence in the shape of their own business.


We have also spent the last 6 months working on a new product – the Passport to Employment – which we are now ready to launch. This is a free service that iFacts offers to job seekers and they can go on and create a free CV in a brief format that is easily readable by potential employers. We have gone one step beyond that and added in a verification service that the candidate needs to pay for but the reason for this is we have heard a number of employment agencies complaining that they continually have to pay for verification services even if their candidate is not placed. By using the Passport to Employment we are allowing candidates to pay for their own verifications and hopefully this allows their CV to be more readily received.


I do believe that if we do not pull together as a country and encourage small businesses, employment and a sense of community it is going to take us that much longer to progress in this crazy world we live in.


Be strong, be happy and be positive!

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