Corruption is a word that on the lips of most economically active South Africans and deep down we would all love to rather be able to discuss sport, hobbies, happy families or something that warms our heart. Sadly this is not the case because of the political situation we live with and this is apparent in many other countries as well.

The recently released Corruption Watch report shows that they received 2744 reports in 2017.

The trends are what sadden me when I see the number of cases in the education sector which is a true indication of educators not being concerned about the education of our youth but rather putting themselves above all. I find this a very concerning fact because what example are we setting for the future of the world. If the very people who interact with our learners for a large part of their waking hours are corrupt to the core how are we going to ensure an honest and ethical workforce in the future?

With the high rate of unemployment in our country and the youth being shown that corruption is the way to go, companies are going to be forced to have a very effective employee screening and background checking system in place to ensure that they only employ the “right??? employees and ensure a future for their organization. They are also going to have to seriously consider in-service screening as often the intentions of an employee can go horribly wrong if they are recruited by syndicates or find loopholes in the system that allow them to take advantage of the company.

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