The world for all South Africans changed on 27 March 2020 when lockdown started. Many did not believe it would change life for them; many celebrated and thought it was a 3 week holiday yet for all now on 27 April 2020 life has changed dramatically. Whether we like it or not as we ease out of lockdown everyone’s definition of normal will have changed.

A recent HSRC survey revealed:

• 50% of people will have challenges paying bills, earning an income, feeding families and / or keeping jobs
• 26% of people had no money for food
• 55% of informal settlement residents had no money for food

This has led to a great amount of caring and giving by the greater community in South Africa but sadly we have once again seen corruption rearing its ugly head with people or organisations seeking personal gain by being part of a charity organisation.

Corruption Watch has come out and said that it supports the government’s efforts in assisting struggling South Africans with social and economic measures which amount to R500-billion, but said it calls for accountability. iFacts have stood up to the challenge and have developed an online check that enables companies or individuals to verify that the CIPC details of the charity (be it an NPC, NPO or NGP) can be verified online and the it can be confirmed that the bank account details for the depositing can also be confirmed as to belonging to the registered organisation.

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