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The PDA assessment can be used to provide information and feedback to teams / groups as well as Leadership Matching report between a “leader” and “follower” (manager and subordinate). The Leadership matching report provides insight into “how” a leader should manage a particular individual and focuses on the following:

  • The leader’s management style
  • How to lead and motivate an identified individual
  • Key aspects to consolidate the leader / follower relationship
  • Behavioural styles overlaps and areas to improve


The Team or Group profile report provides information on the types of styles that team members have and this information can be used during team building sessions to enhance not only communication between team members, but also which strengths each individual bring to the team.


The Team Building Workshop is an effective intervention of PDA Consultancy that, starting on self-awareness, allows the development of a new relationship-management model between the leaders and their Teams. This contributes to consolidate the leader’s position, strengthen the Team and therefore increase its members’ efficiency and effectiveness. Current management tendencies indicate that in order to achieve an effective leadership, leaders must necessarily know the following information:

  • Their behavioural style and leadership skills in depth.
  • The environment and their Team of collaborators as much as themselves.


Click here to view a sample report of the PDA Assessment

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