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The PDA Report includes extremely valuable chapters that help MPC Coaches enrich a coaching program. Chapters such as “Behavioural Profile Description???, “How to Lead (the person) effectively???, “Strengths that can be Overused???, “Keys to Motivate (the person) effectively???, among others, allow Coaches an excellent perspective on the Coachees’ behavioural profile.

With the purpose of strengthening the PDA Report’s added value and helping Coaches in their coaching processes, PDA International has created MyPDACoach: an online application which, when complemented with the PDA Report and PDA Feedback, strengthens and supports coaching processes.
MyPDACoach is an online, automated and interactive platform that guides Coachees during a six-week process. MyPDACoach offers content of its own that empowers and enriches coaching processes for individuals, groups or teams of individuals.
MPC Coaches manage the functionality; they can configure the process so that it is absolutely automated. MPC Coaches can also incorporate content and customized face-to-face or remote intervention hours.
Once Coachees complete the PDA Form and receive PDA Feedback from their MPC Coach, together they define the competence that the Coachee will develop. MyPDACoach compares the Coachees behavioural profile with the behavioural style of the selected competence and defines a broad list of coaching challenges and tips. As of this time, MyPDACoach supports and guides Coachees during the six-week process: it sends emails with challenges and tips related to the Competence to Be Developed. This encourages Coachees to practice and express new behaviours, as well as to keep a strong focus to continue working on the changes in their behavioural styles.

During the six-week process:

  • MyPDACoach sends emails to Coachees that contain coaching challenges and tips.
  • Coachees complete a short self-assessment every day. Through this evaluation, Coachees indicate if they were able to practice the behaviour proposed that morning.
  • Fortnightly, MyPDACoach invites Coachees to complete a self-assessment regarding their progress during the process.
  • After the six weeks of the process, MyPDACoach invites Coachees to ask for feedback from the people with whom they work every day.
  • MPC Coaches have access to the Coachees’ Control Panel so as to follow their development. Also, with the objective of supporting the individual during the process, MPC Coaches will offer advice and provide support to Coachees.


Click here to view a sample report of the PDA Assessment 

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