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Employee Screening / Vetting &
Verification Services

iFacts offers a full bouquet of Background Checks & Vetting services to organisations. This will ensure that any candidate applying for a position within any organisation has not falsified any of the information provided on their CV. The iFacts team of verifiers use a full bouquet of specialised verification tools and processes.

An effective Employee Screening Policy can be the key differentiator, where HR hires an employee game changer, or adversely someone that negatively impacts the morale and productivity of those around them.

The value of employee screening is focused around its ability to provide companies and hiring managers with the tools necessary to place the missing puzzle pieces for the job at hand. Not only does employee screening ensure you find the right candidate, it also provides long-term financial savings.

Making more informed hiring decisions based on proactive and continuous employee screening eliminates the unnecessary hassle of high staff turnover and unpleasant disciplinary issues and instead opens the door to competent, effective and dedicated candidates that will take your organisation to greater heights.

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