Corporate Services

iFacts offers a full corporate services package, to company’s of any size and in any industry. These services are suited to small businesses right the way up to large corporate concerns. Our corporate services cover every base, including a range of individual services as well as company services. These are available as an all-encompassing package, or as individual items on an ad-hoc basis. All solutions are completely customisable for your business, and for your particular industry.

In terms of individual services, iFacts offers credit checks, Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) searches and services, as well as bank account and ID verification. Of crucial importance when hiring new employees, iFacts offers a complete and thorough reference check service, to ensure that all new employees are thoroughly screened, and will be well suited to fill the required position.

BBBEE Verification has become and remains a vital ingredient on the South African business landscape, and iFacts can advise and complete a range of BBBEE verification procedures. Our services even extend to dealing with SARS on your behalf, and acquiring items such as tax clearance certificates for your company.

Our team offers a number of other services, including integrity and behavioural assessments, which range from driver assessments to ethics assessments. Signing up for our services will grant you or your company free access to some of our specifically designed Apps, which include access to the iFacts Resource Library. Our range of tools also includes human resource and management tools, many of which are accessed through our online iFacts interface.

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Employee Screening/Vetting & Verification Services

iFacts offers a full bouquet of Background Checks & Vetting services to organisations. This will ensure that any candidate applying for a position within any organisation has not falsified any of the information provided on their CV. The iFacts team of verifiers use a full bouquet of specialised verification tools and processes.
An effective Employee Screening Policy can be the key differentiator, where HR hires an employee game changer, or adversely someone that negatively impacts the morale and productivity of those around them.

Social Media Risk Assessment

Current figures indicate that over 6000 tweets are made per second globally, and 5 new Facebook profiles are opened every 10 seconds. On social media we all unwittingly tend to expose more than we would do in an interview. This gives a glimpse into the person that will enter your workplace and gives a good indication of whether they will fit the corporate culture of your organisation and if they could pose a possible risk to your organisation.

Coaching & Wellness

Are you looking for a business coach? At The Orange we provide a full range of career and wellness coaching options.

A business coach is someone who is with you for a short to medium period of time. They will help you to improve on your skills and performance by learning about methods to tackle various tasks more efficiently. The coaching process is more structured. You will learn new business skills; learn how to deal with business issues and how to run your business more effectively.

Integrity & Behavioural Assessments

The CV looks good, and the qualifications are genuine, but is the applicant right for the position you want to fill? iFacts provides a series of Integrity Assessment that will help you determine the applicant’s suitability. iFacts has partnered with Integrity International (INTEG) to offer the widest range of psychometric and integrity tests. These tests adhere to the critical psychometric properties of reliability, validity and fairness. The tests are subjected to continuous research and upgrading to adhere to any significant changes and requirements in the market.

Online Employee Engagement Tools 

There is no denying that while these factors certainly are important, human psychology is a strange thing. Statistics have proved again and again that the one thing that drives employees, encourages active engagement and ultimately creates a productive environment is when those employees feel valued, recognised, and feel ‘heard’. We all need a sense of purpose, and employees need to know that the job that they are doing day after day is making an impact on the organisation where they are spending the majority of their time.