From different age groups, to different cultural backgrounds, the workplace is becoming more and more diverse, and with it, different ideas, views and opinions. This can have a great impact on company culture and the happiness of your employees.

38% of millenials, according to a PwC report, felt that the older senior management could not easily relate to the younger workers and 34% felt that their personal drive could be intimidating to other generations. Men (38%) were more likely than women (31%) to say this. One of the biggest complaints from millenials is that the management tend to send correspondence 24/7 and expect employees to respond.

Deloitte’s 2016 research shows that almost 70% of the millenials will choose an employer based on the organisations purpose and only 27% of them believe that the purpose would be to make money (this is down from 35% in 2013)

Another very real situation in Africa is that we face a huge migrant issue and this comes not only at a blue-collar level but right through up to the C suite. Xenophobia has a massive impact on the workplace especially if you have a number of labourers living in the informal housing developments and using public transport.

Sadly it is a known fact in the security world that Africa is attracting “wanted??? criminals and terrorists, as corruption is a massive challenge in today’s workplace. Once a person is within the organisation, they sadly can be manipulated or blackmailed to work on the inside on criminal activity. The actual verification of CV information will not necessarily highlight this tendency, but an integrity test should be considered prior to employment to understand what motivates an individual and how they would behave under challenging circumstances.

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