Corruption on a daily basis

Mar 1, 2019

This morning I opened the newspaper and was more horrified than normal with the news.

·      A vetting lapse in teachers is putting pupils at risk

·      A pilot without a license had transported passengers for 20 years

·      R22 billion has been lost with fraudulent medical claims

I know we live with corruption on a daily basis but 3 stories on one screen is more than I can deal with and knowing that there are measures in place that could protect organisations from everyone of these claims is more frustrating.

I feel that people have become so accepting of fraud and corruption that they simply ignore the measures to prevent this and throw their hands in the air and say this is what the world has become today.

We need to all take responsibility if we want things to improve and we can all make a small difference if we insist that things are done correctly.


Fortunately my children have left school and I don’t have to concern myself with this but as a parent should we not want to know that the people responsible for our children for at least 7 hours a day are legitimate. Can you insist that the schools prove that the teachers have no pending or existing criminal charges and have they had their integrity tested? As a parent I believe it would be my duty to insist on this.


We put children in the hands of taxi drivers. Often companies are given the transport contract and as a parent you have no idea who is driving your child.  Should you ask if the licenses of drivers have been verified and do they have valid Public Driving Permits?


I have never been asked to verify a pilot’s license but I would have thought that airlines had a sense of responsibility to verify this information. Pilots’ licenses are renewed on a regular basis and the CAA is surely able to provide information on this. As a passenger how do you know if the airline you are using has verified the pilots’ licenses?


Many people are struggling financially and are finding creative ways to “earn” additional income but at what cost.  How do we educate the public and insist that they have to play their part in honest transactions because at the end of the day what you gain by one small fraudulent claim will not stand you in good stead when the scheme increases prices at the end of the year.

I would be most interested to hear from you about keeping citizens clean and encouraging people to live a more honest life?

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