Adults are just as likely as teens to use their phones while driving and are substantially more likely to have talked on the phone while driving.

49% of adults say they have been passengers in a car when the driver was sending or reading text messages on their cell phone.

A recent statement by the managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, revealed that 40% of all drivers, on average and at any given time, are on their phones while driving a car. He also said, “The World Health Organisation suggests that the growth in the use of cell phones in cars increased by up to 11% across a number of countries in the last five years.”

When asked how companies manage their drivers of company vehicles, Sonya Skipp of iFacts, a leading employee screening company in South Africa, said that in addition to the very basic verification of a driver’s license and Public Driving Permit, an online assessment can be done to measure a person’s aptitude to be a driver. The results indicate the awareness / alertness and responsiveness of the individual wanting to be or who currently is a driver.  

Individuals who score low on the assessment tend to be less sensitive and aware of their immediate environment and this would make them less aware of approaching vehicles.

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