Questionnaire: 50Plus-Skills HR Management Questionnaire

Thank you for helping us to better understand the 50Plus demographic in the workplace. We value your time in answering these few questions and helping us understand the current process in place.

Please answer all the questions.

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General Questions
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Does your company do an audit of your employees within 10 years of retirement?  Yes
Is your company becoming data-centric to better understand your workforce?  Yes
Is the importance of age diversity part of your company strategy?  Yes
Do you create age related groups within your organisation to address the challenges of each group?  Yes
Is mentoring between young and old through mentoring and reverse mentoring encouraged as a formal process?  Yes
How do you help employees understand and work towards a healthy financial retirement?
How do you build awareness for older employees 50+ about their next season so that they can plan effectively for longevity?
Would you be interested in having a conversation to discuss these important strategic interventions?  Yes
Would you invest R500 per employee in an outside program that would help them prepare for their next season of life?  Yes

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