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Verification Services
 Criminal record check (Click for options)
 Drivers License / PDP (Click for options)
Photo-enhanced ID Verification and Contact Trace R63.25
      (Includes photograph, ID details and contact details)
Verification of ID number R14.38
      (ID Number validation and alive/deceased status)
Verification of CV references (per reference) R97.75
FAIS Status and DoFA R105.80
Verification of Qualifications
 Matric verification (Click for options)
Other local qualification verification R295.55
      (Tertiary qualifications)
International qualification verification R690.00
      (NB: cost varies, subject to quotation)
Social Media
Social Media report - basic R299.00
      (This high level report is ideal for entry level positions, where the social media impact of the individual is seen as minimal on the reputation/ image of the organisation)
Social Media report - standard R322.00
      (This report provides additional insights, as the conduct of the data subject on each platform accounts are held are assessed.)
Social Media report - full R345.00
      ( A full report provides drilled down detail into the aspects and content of the data subject on each individual platform where accounts are held. Evidence in the form of screen shots are provided.)
Verification of Individual Status
Outstanding traffic fines R128.80
Deeds Office Search R74.75
      (Select which regional deeds offices to search)
 Verification of documents (Click for options)
Marital Status Check R51.75
Vehicle ownership (ID based) R109.25
 Court case search (Click for options)
Directors (CIPC) Check R70.15
 Association Verification (Click for options)
SAFPS Status R115.00
Person Contact Trace R55.20
      (Telephone, address and past employer information)
Integrity, Assessment and Aptitude Tests
BIP - Basic Integrity Profile R241.50
CAP - Comprehensive Aptitude Profile R339.25
COPAS - Cognitive and Potential Assessment R362.25
IMI - Integrity Measurement Tool R304.75
IP200 Version III - Integrity Profile R379.50
PAW - Personality at work R414.00
PEP - Practical English Proficiency R304.75
SAP Standard Version - Security Officer Assessment Profile R304.75
DAP - Driver Assessment Profile R304.75
GIP - General Integrity Profile R304.75
BAP - Basic Aptitude Profile R304.75
Voice Stress Analysis R862.50
PDA - Personal Development Analysis R1,725.00
Indemnity and Supplemental Information Check List
NB: Please first select your checks above
Click here to view / print a standard indemnity form

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Terms and Conditions

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