When an enquiry is performed in terms of Regulation 18(4) (g) for the purpose of employment, it may only be done for a position that requires honesty in dealing with cash or finances and the job description of such position needs to be clearly outlined. It is thus the responsibility of the credit bureau to ensure the compliance of our subscribers with Regulation 19(12) of the Act.

Circular 4/2019 states that all credit bureaux who release consumer credit information for the purpose of employment need to ensure compliance with Regulation 19(12) of the Act by requesting the following documents by the person or company conducting the enquiry:

1. Written consent of the prospective employee; and
2. Job description of the position clearly outlining the requirements (dealing with cash or finances).

iFacts wishes to remind all clients who are accessing consumer credit information for the purpose of employment or recruitment of their duty to retain the above-mentioned documentation, for a period of 3 years as iFacts is required to assess compliance with the Circular by its users.

It is therefore important for users to ensure:

• That they select the correct prescribed purpose when doing the enquiry on the iFacts Insider.
• If the enquiry is not for employment vetting for a role that requires handling of cash or finances, the employment enquiry cannot be performed.

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