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Dr Louis Fick – Integrity International

Integrity International (INTEG) specialises in the development and distribution of a wide range of psychometric and integrity tests. These tests adhere to the critical psychometric properties of reliability, validity and fairness. The tests are subjected to continuous research and upgrading to adhere to any significant changes and requirements in the market.

Headed by Dr Louis Fick, INTEG has its roots firmly entrenched in the psychometric field and has evolved from its predecessors over a period of more than 40 years. Dr Fick’s entire career is closely intertwined with the Human Resources function, which is based on the academic profession provided by Industrial Psychology and the development of psychometric and integrity tests.


PDA International Africa

PDA International, based on the studies and theories of psychologist and inventor William Marston, has developed the Personal Development Analysis (PDA) Assessment tool and provides a broad portfolio of consultancy products and services for Partners and Clients.

After years of research and investigation PDA International has developed the PDA Assessment. PDA International now focuses on selling, training and implementing the PDA Assessment tool to Clients and Partners in more than 30 countries.


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