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November 2018

Dear all

I really want to thank each and everyone for your excellent service and support during the last few weeks. I realize that I have submitted requests on very short notice but you managed to deliver. I apologize for putting you all under immense pressure but that is unfortunately out of my hands.

There might be more next week but I really hope it will slow down a bit.

Please have enough rest during the weekend.

Thank you once again we really appreciate your positive attitude and willingness to assist. You are an excellent team.

Petro Janse van Rensburg


March 2018

Goeie more Myra,

Hoop alles gaan goed.

Ons wil net vir julle se baie baie baie dankie vir julle uitstekende diens. Julle is altyd bereid om ons te help maak nie saak wat nie en ons wardeur dit uit die diepte van ons harte.

Ek het die 2 checks sommer al gister terug gekry en die klient is ongelooflik bly. So baie baie dankie vir julle Myra.

Julle is amazing mense.

Hoop julle almal het sommer n uitstekende dag en julle moet lekker werk.

Yolandi Smith – Anderson Recruitment 



February 2018

Good afternoon Sonya and Myra

I just want to thank your team once again for a great effort in providing us with timeous results on such short notice.

We really appreciate your positive attitude and willingness to assist with this almost impossible task but as a team we managed to meet our deadline.

Please be assured of our continued support.

Petro Janse van Rensburg – G4S Secure Solutions (SA) Pty Ltd



November 2017

I am so impressed with your service and I do apologise for the urgent requests.

Sandra May – SJM Recruitment Solutions



November 2017

Dear Management
I hereby compliment Chipo Laudi for the manner in which she interacted with me today.
She is efficient, effective and professional in the manner she communicates and explains unfamiliar concepts to ordinary people like myself.
She has integrity because she followed my query through several times today, within the time frames that she had promised.
I give “A big round of applause to Chipo”. Our country needs more people of her calibre.

Angela Moralo



November 2017

Vreeeeeeeeslik dankie Myra.

Ek wardeur jou hulp regtig baie. Daar is regtig min mense soos jy wat so baie vir iemand sal doen.

Yolandi Smith – Anderson Recruitment



August 2017

Thank you Tessa, I am very impressed with your services and the report. Will definitely use iFacts again if I feel I need more than my own reference checking.

Anschia Schoombie – Systems Anywhere



July 2017

Hi all

Thank you once again for your excellent service. I have requested the impossible and you have delivered above and beyond. All the urgent requests have been finalized for now.

We really appreciate your efforts and it does not go unnoticed.

Petro Janse van Rensburg



April 2017

I just want to thank you and your team for your outstanding service and efforts to make things easier for us thus enabling us to meet our deadlines. We also appreciate the communication which was sent out prior to the public holidays as this helps us to prioritize accordingly.

This does not go unnoticed and we really appreciate your efforts.

Petro Janse van Rensburg –  G4S Secure Solutions (SA) Pty Ltd



April 2017

How on earth do you get so much info from such a small assessment? Amazing. (iFacts PDA Assessments)

Andrew Seldon – Tech News



January 2017

I will still be using your services this year, Your services are up to my satisfaction, your prices are very good and I have not found anybody that’s better than iFacts.

Andrew Vann – Saraband



November 2016

Myra and her team have been nothing short of amazing!  Their service to us has been brilliant and we know we can rely on them to meet our requirements even at very short notice!

I’d like you to extend a special thank you for the Merchants team please.

Natasha Bekker – Merchants



November 2016

Hi Myra

Always a superstar. Thank you for coming to my rescue. its highly appreciated.

Fortune Kutukwa – Call Centre Staffing



October 2016

You guys are rock stars, seriously, thank you!

Hunt Bosch – Focus Group



September 2016

Dear Jenny,

On behalf of the Executive I would like to thank you for travelling to Durban for our CAMPROSA conference and your great contribution towards a very successful outcome. Your presentation set the scene for much debate about insourcing/outsourcing amongst the delegates and later in the panel discussion.

John Tunstall – CAMPROSA



September 2016

I am incredibly impressed with your service; I received the report at 11:09 today and am very impressed with your format.

Ann Warburton – Warburton Appointments (Pty) Ltd



August 2016

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to express our profound gratitude for the valuable assistance and guidance that Jenny Reid provided.

We got more than we had bargained for. It was really a pleasure to work with her and hope that we will continue to draw your experience in the future.

Bobby Ndungu (Dr)



August 2016

Sincere thanks to you, Myra, Sonya and the iFacts team for the iFacts System and Product Training on Wednesday 17/08/16.

Neil Bosman – Bidvest McCarthy



July 2016


We were ecstatic with the speed of your service.

Thank you for that.

Glynis Turner – Romans Pizza 



July 2016

Hi Chantelle

I hope you are keeping well.

The checks are coming back within excellent time. Thank you, makes our job a lot easier.

Deborah Perry – Bidvest Insurance Brokers 



June 2016

I just want to thank you so much for the fast response on this Criminal check.  I really do appreciate everything you guys are doing for us.

Yolandi Smith – Anderson Recruitment Services 



June 2016

I think ifacts is amazing thank you!
Anita Rainier-Pope – Studio 29



June 2016

On behalf of the PDA team, once again congratulations on a magnificent conference.

Wade Cooper – PDA Africa



June 2016

Thank you to all at IFacts for a most enjoyable and informative morning and for always making me feel so welcome.

Edith Phillips – Amat Beverages 



May 2016

Good day Chantelle,

Hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for asking. Everything is still perfect, thank you very much.

I must say that you guys are always there for us whenever we need any assistance, and we appreciate that a lot

Yolandi Smith – Anderson Recruitment 



May 2016

WOW Ifacts, the verifications lately are coming back the way they used to when we first started using Ifacts – THANKS FOR THE SPEEDY REPLIES – REALLY APPRECIATE IT !!

Jenny Barker – Broad Spectrum Personnel



March 2016

Thank you and the rest of the IFacts team so much for the training yesterday .

It was  great meeting all of you and thank you so much for the hospitality that was provided to us.

Beauty Manaiwa – Powetech Transformers 



March 2016

“Very good presentation from Jenny, as all ways some very good ideas to take home. Thanks Jenny ”

Daniel Brunner



February 2016

Thank you for following up. We are very pleased and satisfied with the level of professionalism and service we receive from iFacts. We look forward to working with you throughout the foreseeable future.

Ryan Coston – Executive Recruitment Consultant



January 2016

Impressive service as always!

Laura Ruszczynski – Bidvest Bank 



November 2015

Would recommend your company to my clients anytime. Excellent service and very friendly and helpful staff!!

Executive HR



November 2015

Very pleased with the service and assistance we have been given by well trained staff

Enforce Security 



November 2015

I love using your service, staff are always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you so much.I can really recommend iFacts to anyone.

Alpha Labour Solutions 



November 2015

Good afternoon Sonya,

Thanks a lot for the excellent work that was done. It is a real eye-opener and gives challenges lying ahead that we are to tackle. Our Group Financial Director is happy with the report and is already asking me the way forward.

Again, thank you for the professional approach.

Patrick Zondo – Group HR Executive – Fidelity Security 



September 2015

Hi ladies & gent!

As discussed!

Thank you sooooooo much for all your prompt assistance! Very much appreciated!

Alarice Carr – Liaison Manager – CSI Africa



July 2015

Hi Conscience

Thank you so much for your speedy response, much appreciated. You are a star..

Jacqueline Ndala – G4S Secure Solutions (SA) Pty Ltd



June 2015

Brilliant customer service!

Alicia Williams – Merchants 



February 2015

Thank you for good service, we know we can depend on you

Kodisang – Revert Risk Management



January 2015

Awesome newsletter thank you!

Kevin Hart – Exactech



December 2014

All has been running smoothly so far. Thank you for your promptness – the turnaround time of receipt of reports is great.

Laura Ruszczynski – Bidvest Bank 



August 2014
You guys seriously rock!!!! It was under 2 hours and I had my reports. Thank you for the fantastic service I have received again!!!!

Claudia Kruger – Labour Employment Equity



July 2014
IThulsi said: “I am really happy with the service and have absolutely no complaints. Nicole is my hero at IFACTS”



June 2014
It was so wonderful to chat to someone so knowledgeable – and someone so willing to share it!

Laura Durham – RedPen Communications



June 2014
I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the phenomenal job that you and you team have done!

HR Coordinator – SDV



April 2014
As Chairman , your were great – very interactive, engaging & prompt . As a producer I have few comments to make on your chairmanship, you were very successful in setting the stage for the presenters and understood the need of the hour very well – by asking relevant questions in times of diversions , time management & simply being prompt. Your presentation was well received and audience found your presentation : Excellent, Insightful, Practical and Informative. African Mining Summit



April 2014
It was great to have participate to the conference, lots of knowledge and contact was collected since everybody was opened and very dynamic. I personally congratulate the professionalism shown by your team before, during and after the event. Please address also my thankful to Jenny Reid for same purpose. Hope to hearing from you soon and the next edition will be more professional for sure.

Warm regards,

Hery Tiana – Ambatovy



April 2014
Thanks Jenny. I always enjoy the educational read that you bring into my life.

Darren Kruger Sales Manager at Konica Minolta Vaal



January 2014
To Whom it May Concern This serves to confirm that whilst at Clover South Africa, I worked with Jenny Reid (current Owner of IFacts) on Independent CCTV Assessments and Services. As owner of RiskPros, I still make use of Jenny (iFacts) as one of my Service Providers.


Andre Fourie RiskPROS Proffessional Risk and Security Solutions



December 2013
Greetings Jenny! We met after your speech at ASIS Hong Kong, but I was unable to attend the meeting in Macau this year. You are an inspiration how you developed your company. I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn. Happy New Year!

Deborah Stevenson (ret. FBI)



September 2013
“I have had the distinct pleasure of presenting at a number of conferences with Jenny. Her methods, subject content and knowledge in her field are commendable and highlight her as a highly professional speaker.”

Andy Lawler



August 2013
Hello Jenny Having had many years hands on experience in the HR & IR fields, both within Telkom and as a political councillor, where we bargained via their Bargaining Councils, your presentation on people and company wellness, reminded me of the responsibilities of the employer. At the “heart” of any Unions business is the well-being of its members in the work place. Keep up the good work that your company is doing. It is an element which is surely needed in today’s work environment. I sometimes note that big companies are well represented via their marketing strategies and sponsorship, and yet you hear their employees “moaning” about the ethics within the companies. Staff are being ” over-used” and not treated as an asset of the companies.

Kind Regards

Rudi Wolter Business Against Crime



January 2013
NetForce has found I-facts to be a valued South African partner. The research the I-Fact’s team performs on behalf of NetForce is clear, concise and accurate. The I-Fact team is very responsive as well when dealing with the many detailed questions NetForce presents to them, I-Fact is very thorough in their responses�


Joan Grondin International Compliance Officer NetForce Global LLC



March 2013

Hi Jenny Really enjoyed your article, thank you for the share! The David Ogilvy quote is delicious! I have a global audience in the graphic arts – print and publishing, and have been seeking to educate that industry as to its own information security risks. Most of them offer to do direct mail programs for clients. The data files are almost always full of far more than name and address and instantly, the printer finds herself at risk of breach, made even more capricious by the BYOD era and since printers tend to love all things Apple, there is a lot of BYOD’ing going on in print shoppes. I will share your wisdom with my networks too, one of my mantras for printers around the world is to Think Global, Act Local. Anyone who thinks all the insight they need can be found in their own backyard will miss the point that threats aimed at their own information security and human resource vulnerabilities are almost never limited to their own neighborhod. Lastly, and in keeping with my mantra, I will send you a Linked In connection request, it would be an honour to be connected.





March 2013
Hi Jenny I would like to thank you again for your participation in MIS Training Institute�s: �CISO Middle East� Summit. All your help in making the event such as success was much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed the experience. I have collated all the evaluation forms collected and your sessions scored the following: Keynote: Cyber Fraud, Vendors & Third Party Infiltration into Organisations: 80% (Average of 4.0 out of 5) Executive Relations & Communications: How Can Security Convince & Influence Senior Management To Achieve Greater Buy-In Throughout The Business? Scenario Planning Roundtables: 82% (Average of 4.1 out of 5) Final day Roundtable � numerous topics: 82% (Average of 4.1 out of 5) Thank you once again and I very much look forward to seeing you soon at another MIS event.

Kind regards,

Laura Laura McCrave Event Coordinator MIS Training Institute EMEA



January 2013
Jo-Ann Allkins, Owner of Field Street Personnel. “The services offered by iFacts have definately made a difference to our company, the turn-around time with our clients and you can always rely on them for professional service and a sense of urgency. ”


January 2013
“CMASA (Club Management Association of Southern Africa) utilise the Employee screening provided by iFacts and find this an extremely efficient, cost effective and reliable resource to assist in the selection of employees within our industry. ”



March 2013
Hi Jenny, I would like to thank you again for your participation in MIS Training Institute�s Œ3rd Fraud & Corruption Africa Summit�. All your help in making the event such as success was much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed the experience. I have collated all the evaluation forms collected and your sessions scored the following: Removing the People Risk in a Business Keynote: 89% (Average of 4.4 out of 5) Country Experiences in Fighting Corruption: Recent Challenges & Success Stories Panel: 86% (Average of 4.3 out of 5) NEW Practical Deployment Exercises Work: 84% (Average of 4.2 out of 5) Thank you once again and I very much look forward to seeing you soon at another MIS event.

Kind regards,

Kate Kate Griffiths Event Manager MIS Training Institute EMEA



September 2012
Jenny, Just a short note to thank you for your presentation at the CBIA Business Counterintelligence Conference last week. We appreciate your support. We have received very positive feedback from all the attendees and many have requested that we host another conference next year. Your presentation has been well received and rated. FYI the conference attendees rated your presentation 4.25/5.00 and the content 4.32/5.00. I would also like to thank you and SASA for all the support and help with the marketing of the event.

Best Regards

Steve Whitehead CBIA



August 2012
Subject: Information Guru
I would just like to thank you for all the inspirational and informative links you supply. The value of the information makes me understand why you are the President of Security. Thanks again,it must take up a lot of your time researching and all we need to do is to click on your link. Great.

Tim Shaw



July 2012
Dear Jenny,
On behalf of DHC I would like to thank you for taking time off your work schedule to grace our attendees with insight on the Security front.
Your presentation was well received and the feedback ratings were: Content 7-10 and presentation 8-10.
We look forward to working with you again in the near future for our next forum
Kind regards

Mbachi M. Kyalusanza – DHC international



June 2012
Dear Jenny
I was very impressed with what you had to say and the way in which you did so. I have passed on the iFacts details to our HR department for consideration.
Thank you so much Jenny.
I do hope you will be a key note speaker at the next convention.

Kind regards

Mary Lehmann – Office Administrator, Barrick Africa (Pty) Ltd



May 2012
Dear Sonya
We would recommend your professional service and expertise in offering an insight into our staff’s morale and attitude towards the company and its customers. The service you offered was convenient and delivered quick results that were easy to understand.

Jonathan Snow
Managing Director



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