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You need to get your CV to the top of the pile and to be noticed! At iFacts we have created a Passport to Employment which will enable you to create a FREE professional CV and in addition to this you can add a certificate of verification of the details in your CV.




Congratulations on wanting to create a more powerful CV and looking to verify the information in your CV.

With the high number of unemployed people in South Africa having a CV that gets to the top of the pile within a recruitment environment is essential.

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Did You Know?

  • Up to 70% of job seekers lie in some way about their CV.
  • 68% of people have said that they have considered or have bought a fake degree
  • 35% of people know someone who has lied on their CV.
  • 47% of people claim to have obtained a higher mark with their qualification.
  • 29% of people claim to have a qualification when they only started the course & did not complete it.


Personal Details

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*South African ID Number
Non-SA citizens: please supply your passport number and date of birth; leave the ID number blank
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CV Details

Introduction (about you):
The about you section must be personalized, brief and to the point.  The iFacts PDA assessment gives you an incredible summary of your strengths, weaknesses, team player ability and details of what motivates you.  You can select to do a PDA assessment in Step 9, "Assessments".

Objective (optional):
This is used to show the recruiter what you would ultimately like to do and where you want to be going by applying for this job.  A great number of job seekers apply for any job vacancy they can find from MD to the gardener – by showing what you wish to achieve this will put you ahead of the pack.

Skills and achievements (optional):
These need to be relevant and specific and not used as fluff for your CV.

Experience (optional):
It is strongly advised not to include irrelevant experience; e.g. answering the phone at your father's business during your period of unemployment.

Important Information

Do you have a drivers license?  Yes      No
Do you have a PDP?  Yes      No

Education and Qualifications

Do you have your Matric?  Yes      No    

Tertiary qualification (if obtained):

Other qualification (if applicable):

Other qualification (if applicable):

Employment History

Current employment status:

 Employed      Student      Unemployed

Current / Previous Employer: (leave blank if not applicable)

Contact information for reference:

Contact person:
Contact number:

Previous Employer: (leave blank if not applicable)

Contact information for reference:

Contact person:
Contact number:

Previous Employer: (leave blank if not applicable)

Contact information for reference:

Contact person:
Contact number:

Previous Employer: (leave blank if not applicable)

Contact information for reference:

Contact person:
Contact number:

ID & Passport

ID, Passport and Work Permit

Unfortunately ID theft remains the number crime of all time with almost 1 million IDs having been lost globally.
With the high rate of unemployment in Africa many people want to obtain a permanent residence permit in South Africa. Once an individual has a permanent residence permit they are able to live in South Africa indefinitely and they can work in the country. Their spouse and children are also able to join them to live in the country.
It is essential for an employer to verify such documentation as the fraud in the Department of Home Affairs is rife and, whilst the Department makes some attempts to resolve the problem, the on-going issue of foreigners wanting to work in South Africa is real.
For many people a passport can be the more commonly used form of identification and as with the ID document it is essential that these travel documents are verified if they are being used as a form of identification.

Verification ServicesPrice (incl VAT)
Verification of ID number  is included if at least one other verification check is selected
Verification of SA Passport
R 228.00
Verification of Work Permit
R 199.50

Credit Check

Credit Check

This will give an indication of how well you manage your finances.  It also gives you an indication of what your financial standing is and if you apply for a loan or credit how you will be viewed.  A great personal tool that helps you stay in control of your life.  

A basic credit check will indicate how you manage funds and if you have been sequestrated or run into trouble with your accounts.  

A detailed credit check is a useful tool if you are a more senior candidate and indicates ownership of property, directorship of companies via the CIPC as well as your credit rating.

NB: You may only perform a credit check on yourself. To comply with the requirements of the National Credit Act, if the contact information you have provided does not match the information returned in your credit check from the credit bureau, and we are therefore unable to determine that you are requesting your own credit check, we will be unable to send the result report to you. Please ensure that you provide accurate contact information in Step 1.

Verification ServicesPrice (incl VAT)
Credit check - basic (Compuscan) R 55.86
Credit check - detailed (Compuscan) R 114.00

Drivers & PDP

Drivers License and PDP

Many people claim to have a driver's license but when they are out on the road and have an accident the company deals with great complications – one of which is the fact that insurance will not pay out because the driver claimed to be a licensed driver but was not.
Give the recruiter confidence in you and show that your driver's license has been verified. You will also receive a reminder on the registered email address 3 months prior to your license expiring.

Are you aware that if you transport people in your position of work you are required to obtain a public driving permit? This is not difficult to do but if you indicate that you have a permit and it is verified this will save the recruiter a lot of time and worry.

Verification ServicesPrice (incl VAT)
Drivers License verification
R 102.60
PDP verification
R 102.60



We just have to read the number of people who have not passed matric and realize the motivation to falsify your qualifications. Whilst many companies no longer recruit based on qualifications it would still be a great idea to show that you are proud of what you have achieved and be willing to have it verified.
If you are working on a budget it is suggested you only verify the highest qualification you have achieved. Unfortunately this does not guarantee all your qualifications are valid as we have seen some universities accepting people without a valid entry qualification.

Verification ServicesPrice (incl VAT)
Matric certificate verification (after 1992)
Verify your Matric certificate obtained after Sept 1992 for potential employers.
R 139.08
Matric certificate verification (before 1992)
Verify your Matric certificate obtained before Sept 1992 for potential employers.
R 159.60
Tertiary qualification verification
With qualification fraud so publicised in the media, it is essential to verify your qualification.
Note: Additional fees may apply, a request will be sent to you for authorization of any additional costs if applicable.
R 121.98


Criminal Record

Many companies have a policy today stating that they do not accept a candidate with a criminal record. The labour law states that any screening needs to be job specific and the example of an applicant applying for the position of cleaner should not be affected by his record for Driving under the influence of alcohol he often is because of the company policy. An accountant applying for a position knowing he has a criminal record for fraud is often taking a chance.

Verification ServicesPrice (incl VAT)
Criminal record check - via fingerprints
(At our Johannesburg offices. Please contact us
for details on other locations, where costs may vary)
R 182.40


Integrity Tests and Personality Assessments

iFacts has partnered with Integrity International (INTEG) to offer the widest range of psychometric and integrity tests. These tests adhere to the critical psychometric properties of reliability, validity and fairness. The tests are subjected to continuous research and upgrading to adhere to any significant changes and requirements in the market.

Select any assessments you would like to do below:

iFacts Basic Integrity Profile – BIP (R 239.40)
The BIP was specifically developed to 'shortlist' people regarding integrity in the world of work and is suited to entry level employees. The BIP takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

iFacts Basic Aptitude Profile – BAP (R 302.10)
The BAP assesses and guides the user more in terms of the basic 'broad stream of careers' that his basic human capacity Profile will 'allow' him to successfully enter into.

iFacts Integrity Measurement Tool – IMI (R 302.10)
The IMI is the shorter and simpler version of the IP-200. It is much more overt and direct in its basic approach to measuring Integrity. The IMI takes about 35 minutes to complete and is especially useful for screening purposes.

iFacts Cognitive and Potential Assessment – COPAS (R 359.10)
This measures the candidate's cognitive function in a comprehensive way. It provides a Profile of the six most important Cognitive Constructs, including: Analytical, Original and Figurative Thinking in problem solving and accuracy. The test-items are based on symbolic designs – no language. COPAS II offers, however, both verbal and non-verbal scales and provides the user with a choice of three levels of assessing a candidate's mental ability – ranging from 10 to 30 minutes each.

iFacts Integrity Profile – IP200 (R 376.20)
The IP200 is a comprehensive, diagnostic and developmental instrument that provides the user with more than 60 scales (including: socialisation, trustworthiness and credibility) to measure Integrity. This 60-minute test can also be administered online.

iFacts Personality at Work Assessment – MAIN PAW (R 410.40)
The PAW is the most comprehensive personality test on the market and takes approximately an hour to complete. It provides conclusive information on all angles relative to the field in personality. It can be used at all levels and to serve the full spectrum of needs a user may have in the field of Personality.

PDA (R 1,710.00)
PDA International is the most successful Global Brand in Online Behaviour Assessments currently operating in over 32 countries and available in a variety of languages. The PDA has been used in the international market over the past 15 years in countries such as: Spain, UK, USA, Portugal, Italy, Romania, India, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica and was launched into the SOUTH AFRICA and AFRICA markets in 2012. International Clients include: Nestlé, PepsiCo, Kuehne+Nagel, Roche, MasterCard, ADT, Multichoice, Accenture, Du Pont, Kimberly Clark and Unilever, Discovery Health, PwC, Ernst & Young to name but a few. PDA International has designed Talent Management Solutions assisting with holistic HR processes, from recruitment, leadership development, team effectiveness and coaching to name but a few.

Peak Performance Tookit - PPT (R 0.00)
Measures 5 areas of effectiveness for personal and career success.

Final Step

Final Step

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