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Passport to Employment

iFacts offers an exclusive service for job seekers to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. All you need to do is submit your CV together with all associated Qualifications and References for an Independent Verification. If you meet all of the required checks and balances, you'll be issued with a certificate of CV Verification to confirm that you meet all of the requirements of the checking process and that your CV is factually correct, valid and authentic. This will help to create a positive impression on potential employers as they can see that you've taken the necessary steps to prove the credibility and validity of the information you submit.

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Personal Details:
*First Name
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*South African ID Number
Non-SA citizens: please supply your passport number and date of birth; leave the ID number blank
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Checks Required:
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Verification ServicesPrice (incl VAT)
Verification ServicesPrice (incl VAT)
☑ Verification of ID numberIncluded
Criminal record check - via fingerprints (standard)
R 171.00
Credit check - detailed (Compuscan)
      (Includes personal details, marital status, director info and property deeds)
R 114.00
Driver's license verification
R 102.60
PDP Verification
R 102.60
Verification of CV references (per reference)
R 91.20
Matric certificate verification (after Sept 1992)
R 136.80
Matric certificate verification (before Sept 1992)
      (Subject to a levy from the DOE)
R 157.32
Matric certificate full details (after 1992 only)
      (Includes symbols, copy of certificate required)
R 228.00
Other local qualification verification
      (Tertiary qualifications)
R 119.70
I authorise iFacts to verify my identity and any information I have provided and give permission for a credit check (if requested above by me) to be conducted on my credit history.
I authorise iFacts to perform a criminal record check (if requested above by me).
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