2017 has arrived with a vengeance and many of us are wondering what our future holds. In South Africa, 2016 left us stunned by the antics of our president and current political situation. We can only hope that the opposition party can hold individuals accountable and ensure the stability of our country.

From a corporate point of view, it was frightening to see the statistics reveal that last year; in general, company expenses are growing at a faster rate than our revenue. This boils down to staff’s lack of work ethic. I honestly believe that if all employees are not in sync with your company’s goals and culture, it will affect your business even more than the harsh environment we find ourselves trading in.

Our people could either be the weakest link or the strongest asset. It is thus of utmost importance that we ensure we are paying attention to who we hire. Over the next few weeks I am going to discuss the people trends that I believe we need to look out for in this new year:

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