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Know Your Driver

  IS YOUR DRIVER FRAUDULANT?   In light of the recent investigation by the City of Johannesburg which has uncovered nearly 1 000 instances of fraud within the Licensing Department as well as the staggering death toll on our roads this festive season, iFacts Director Jenny Reid urges companies to ask themselves whether or not their drivers are in fact legally license Too often we read of tragic road accidents and incidents wh...

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Trust Information Search

It has been an ongoing frustration retrieving trust information via a credible online electronic portal. All information as available via the master’s office have never been digitised and due to this caused obstructions within the general legal fraternity. iFacts approached a data source eager and already capturing all trust information manually for a number of years willing to integrate their service within SearchWorks. Obtain trust informa...

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Company Office (CIPC) – Company Registration Number

Unfortunately, fraud relating to tenders, procurement and even purchasing is a rife activity in South Africa. Before entering into any agreement with another organisation verify that the details provided in your application form or tender are genuine. It is essential to know all the linked parties in the company before signing on the dotted line and being held responsible for doing business with an illegal entity or individual. For more inf...

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Government could learn a lesson from its proposed new bill

  It seems a tad bizarre that the Department of Education has proposed a new bill, which calls for a clampdown on so-called educational institutions that issue fake qualifications. Not that we have anything against these establishments being targeted. However, surely an institution either meets the legal criteria as set out by the Department, or it doesn’t. Why would a special bill be required for this?   None the less, one c...

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Clamp down on dodgy appointments to reduce fraud and corruption

Fraud and corruption. Tragically two words that are no strangers to the average South African. From traffic officials involved in bribery, to tenderpreneurship, not to mention dodgy cabinet and parastatal appointments. Following the Sunday Times expose in October that South Africa’s high commissioner to Singapore, Hazel Francis Ngubeni, has a colourful past as a drug smuggler, industry experts are commentating on what may be going wrong with ou...

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Editor’s Note

  Still think that employee screening checks, verifications and supplier vetting services is an unnecessary expense? Ask any business owner who can attest to the financial and productivity consequences of poor hiring decisions. In addition, every HR professional understands the administrative nightmare associated with hiring an employee who is a poor fit for the organisation.   Is it possible to calculate the Return on Investm...

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  iFacts offers a FREE review of employee screening policy for any company completing 300 checks within a 3-month period   Our comprehensive background checks allow iFacts to assess the risks in your employee screening policy as part of your employment process and tell you where improvements could be made. The easiest way to safeguard your company from potentially harmful employees is to pre-emptively identify them through ...

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  iFacts is offering FREE user training in the iFacts offices in 2017 We offer comprehensive backend systems that give our clients the tools to safeguard their business and receive continuous risk assessment services from iFacts. Available to all registered users, this training will equip our clients with the knowledge to take full advantage of the information provided through the iFacts software.   Click here to view th...

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  iFacts offers a free ID verification with any South African background check submitted   ID theft has become a high-profile crime in South Africa, with thousands of cases of people having their identity stolen and given to illegal immigrants in the country. This not only poses a logistical problem for government and employers throughout South Africa, but also jeopardises the future of legitimate South African citizens. ...

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Real Time Data

  In addition to these free services, iFacts now has access to real time data for a number of our checking services, meaning that there is no longer any waiting period if any of the following checks are requested by a client: Compuscan Credit Checks - Individual & Company Directors (CIPC) Search CIPC Search for Company Registration Number & Details Deeds Office Search Trust Information Search Bank Account V...

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