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  Still think that employee screening checks, verifications and supplier vetting services is an unnecessary expense? Ask any business owner who can attest to the financial and productivity consequences of poor hiring decisions. In addition, every HR professional understands the administrative nightmare associated with hiring an employee who is a poor fit for the organisation.   Is it possible to calculate the Return on Investm...

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  iFacts offers a FREE review of employee screening policy for any company completing 300 checks within a 3-month period   Our comprehensive background checks allow iFacts to assess the risks in your employee screening policy as part of your employment process and tell you where improvements could be made. The easiest way to safeguard your company from potentially harmful employees is to pre-emptively identify them through ...

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  iFacts is offering FREE user training in the iFacts offices in 2017 We offer comprehensive backend systems that give our clients the tools to safeguard their business and receive continuous risk assessment services from iFacts. Available to all registered users, this training will equip our clients with the knowledge to take full advantage of the information provided through the iFacts software.   Click here to view th...

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  iFacts offers a free ID verification with any South African background check submitted   ID theft has become a high-profile crime in South Africa, with thousands of cases of people having their identity stolen and given to illegal immigrants in the country. This not only poses a logistical problem for government and employers throughout South Africa, but also jeopardises the future of legitimate South African citizens. ...

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Real Time Data

  In addition to these free services, iFacts now has access to real time data for a number of our checking services, meaning that there is no longer any waiting period if any of the following checks are requested by a client: Compuscan Credit Checks - Individual & Company Directors (CIPC) Search CIPC Search for Company Registration Number & Details Deeds Office Search Trust Information Search Bank Account V...

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FREE questionnaires via our App portal

  Gain full access to a host of comprehensive questionnaires that deal with areas such as: Employee Screening Policy, Security Risk, and Health & Safety. iFacts provides its clients with a comprehensive set of tools that can help any company create a culture of well-being and employee health that boosts staff morale and positively reduces absenteeism, staff turnover, and healthcare costs.   The easiest way to safeguard ...

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The Value of Employee Screening

  Honest, qualified and trustworthy employees are the lifeblood of any organisation and nowhere is this more important than in the small to medium business sector, where employee dynamics play an even more important role.   As a result, pre-employment and ongoing employee screening have become an integral part of the business landscape. In addition to the skills testing that has already taken place for decades, more than half ...

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Adequate training boosts morale and productivity

  End-user training is often one of the most neglected aspects following the implementation of any new online system within an organisation. However, it is the key to the successful adoption of any new system.   After making an investment in a new system to streamline your HR processes, procedures, employee / supplier checks and verifications, it is strongly advised that a portion of time is allocated towards end-user training....

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ID verification is part and parcel of recruitment

  The shocking statistics speak for themselves. Identity (ID) theft and fraud has become one of the fastest growing crimes in South Africa today.   Besides the untold personal misery, it has caused for thousands of individual South African’s who’ve had their identities stolen, their credit histories destroyed, or even found themselves married to individuals they have never met, experts believe that the cost to South Africa...

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Get more BANG for your buck with iFacts

  Keeping your company and its employees safe from potential risks that could jeopardise your profitability should be at the top of your priority list. One way to safeguard your organisation is through the full implementation of Background Screening Checks and Vetting Services.   The biggest issue that employers have with this process is that it’s often written off as an extra or unnecessary expense, leading to potential...

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